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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast Track Future Leaders (FTFLs) are ensured for the job

The Bangladesh Government decides to make IT leaders for Leading Information Technology (IT) companies and give the name of these leaders FTFL (leaders who will learn and develop themselves fast for future IT and ITES industries) and companies have agreed to ensure the job for this Fast Track leader.

What is Fast Track Future Leader (FTFL) program?

This is a program to create Future IT leaders of Bangladesh in IT and ITES industries that will
compete globally to earn by exporting software and IT enable service. As fresh graduates will learn fast and develop their career in this it is called Fast Track Leader. IT assumes that FTFLs will go their goal in 2 years whereas conventional IT person will go same goal in 5 years.

There are four Track of FTFL:
Track of FTFL

Why Fast Track Future Leader (FTFL) program?
-->To enhancing the export earnings of booming ICT sector.
-->To recruit the talented fresh graduates as FTFLs in IT and ITES industries.
Background History of FTFL project:

Recently IT companies noticed that they are getting opportunities to export in overseas market but for lack of ideal skills and professionalism of human resources for IT and ITES industries they are not grabbing that opportunities perfectly because every year only around 5000 CSE graduates come from private and public Universities but they are not well trained in practical. Moreover Bangladeshi’s IT company needs more than 5000 IT professional every year as this IT and ITES industries are growing sharply. The government of Bangladesh takes a project under the ICT ministry to Leverage ICT and titled ‘Leveraging ICT (LICT) for Growth, Employment and Governance Project’.

Qualification to be FTFLs:
->High-quality fresh graduates                           
->Must have target to be global professional and compete globally.
->Highly positive outlook.
->Must have the mentality to take any challenge and hard work.
->Should be physically fit.

The process to be qualified as Fast Track Future Leader:
# At first you need to online registration from which you will be shortlisted for shortlisted for online test in BCC centers. For example in FTFL 1st batch 3000 of 6000 students were selected for online exams.

# After that selection committee will select fewer students for Viva. As at 1st 500 out of 3000 students were selected for Viva.

#Finally group viva and individual viva will be taken for final selection. As in 1st batch 160 out of 500 students were selected for 1 month Residential training for soft skill.

#In residential training everyone should get minimum 50 percent marks to be qualified for further IT training in BITM and BCC.

# After completing these trainees will be engaged in top IT and ITES industries of Bangladesh as on the way job internship.

# Registration here for first step. This is official page website of LICT and FTFL.
 Track wise Education qualification are given below
FTFL requirement

How many FTFLs of IT will be created?
LICT project will run up to 2018 to make 4000 Fast Track Future Leaders. There are 30000 professional also be created as assistant of this FTFLs. This is an initiative as a part of the government’s plan to create 34,000 direct and 120,000 indirect jobs in the IT and ITES companies under the project.

By the end of the FTFL-LICT programme students will be IT professional as:

->Acquire a sharp self-awareness
->developed their communication skills, including empathetic (strong) listening and questioning
->Learned a number of tools to aid them in decision-making and problem solving.
->Acquire a clear sense of what’s important to them and how they contribute to the organization’s welfare and productivity at large
->established basic presentation skills training
->learned how to make win: win outcomes in negotiation

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  1. this is opprtunity to change your life

  2. ami registration korte parsi na :(
    mail theke jokhon e confirmation link e click korsi amak ei msg ta show korse "Invalid Request !!! Registration Time Out !!!"
    what should i do now? pls help...

    1. 4-5 diner modde circular hobe tokhin registration korte parben.